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Brand Integrity Matters

Remove up to 80% of online counterfeit activity within the first two weeks. Results guaranteed.

Pay-Per-Takedown  /  Month to Month  /  No Contract


What We Do

online brand protection across marketplaces, websites, and social media.


 Automated web crawlers monitor marketplaces, search engines, social media and thousands of websites everyday. 


Automated web crawlers monitor your IP across online marketplaces, search engines, social media and thousands of websites everyday. 

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Rapid enforcement technology processes infringement takedowns within minutes - mitigating illicit online sales within days.


Proactive monitoring and advanced data analysis tracks and eliminates repeat offenders. Monitor, enforce, maintain, and repeat.

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Our Capabilities


Advanced web Crawlers

Our web crawlers scan the world wide web searching for stolen trademarks, copyrights, and patents. 

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Rapid Enforcement

Once an offender is discovered, case appropriate infringement takedowns are automatically generated and enforced.

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PRICE / MAP monitoring

We will track any shift in price while upholding MAP with your authorized re-sellers and distributors.

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Full service dashboard

Gain complete transparency into our process with infringement progress tracking and status reports.

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seamless integration

Have an existing legal team? Equip them with our dashboard and capabilities to seamlessly integrate our efficiency.

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dedicated data analyst

Qualified data analysts monitor your brands counterfeit activity, searching for new trends and facilitating takedowns.


Leading with Results

PAY-per-takedown / Month to month / no contract

IP Shark offers a free online scan and a personalized dashboard to view everything we discover in line item detail. We also run on a Pay-Per-Takedown approach, charging for every infringement we remove only after we have removed it. Simply put, no cost upfront without proven results!  Trusted clients include...

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