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Stop Counterfeits & Unauthorized Resellers, Fast

Remove up to 90% of online counterfeit activity within the first two weeks. Results guaranteed.

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What We Do

Eliminate counterfeits, unauthorized resellers, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) Infringements & Map violations across marketplaces, websites & social mediA


Automated web crawlers monitor marketplaces, search engines, social media and thousands of websites everyday. 


Automated web crawlers proactively monitor your IP across online marketplaces, search engines, social media & thousands of websites everyday. 

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Rapid enforcement technology automatically processes infringement takedowns within minutes - mitigating illicit online sales within days.


Proactive monitoring and advanced data analysis tracks and eliminates repeat offenders. Monitor, enforce, maintain, and repeat.

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Our Capabilities


Advanced web Crawlers

Our web crawlers use automation and machine-learning to scan the global web searching for stolen trademarks, copyrights, and patents. 

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Rapid Enforcement

Once an offender is discovered, case appropriate infringement takedowns are automatically generated and enforced.

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dedicated data analysT

Qualified data analysts monitor your brands counterfeit activity, searching for new trends and facilitating takedowns. 

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Full service dashboard

Gain complete transparency into our process with infringement progress tracking and status reports.

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Partner Support

Attorneys, brand consultants and resellers can partner with IP Shark to provide clients with value-added services.

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PRICE / MAP monitoring

We will track any shift in price while upholding MAP with your authorized re-sellers and distributors.

Proven Brand Protection Expertise



Trusted Clients Include

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